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Web data extraction

Taking web data for your projects

Winged Mercury offers a range of customized solutions to extract, gather and process data from any website in a structured way. Using the most advanced technology in web crawling and scraping, and making extensive use of public APIs, we can provide you with large web data sets that fit with your specific needs.

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For companies

For researchers

For administrators

Business needs strategical information about its environment and competitors. Legal regulations, financial markets, social trends, etc. We can extract the data that you need from any place on the Web. Search engines (Bing, Yahoo!), Social networks (Twitter, Facebook), Media (NY Times, The Guardian), Financial sites (FRED, Quandl), etc. We come from academia, so we understand the importance to gather the right data for our researches. We provide you big data about scientific publications (Scopus, Altmetric, Crossref), Astrophysical resources (NASA, CarbonDoomsDay), Biomedical data (RxNav, Google Genomics), etc. Public administrations needs relevant and precise information about health, education, employment, etc. that allow them to improve their decision-making and administrative practice for the benefit of the community. We can thus supply statistics data ( Eurostat, UNdata, Data.gov), public health information (HealthIT, Public Health Profiles), etc.

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